About Us


Brown Boy Brown Girl (BBBG) is a family-owned company. We empower and inspire brown boys and brown girls through reading. We publish children's multicultural books to encourage reading and spark creativity among children. We also specialize in carrying children's multicultural books written by Indie authors. 


Founded on the principles of love, social benefit, integrity, and awareness: our mission is to cultivate a culture that enriches and celebrates the diversity of brown children.  


It is our desire to inspire children along with their parents, to aim for success in all areas of their lives. BBBG promotes children’s success in the areas of, but not limited to academics, sports, business, financial literacy, and the arts. Therefore, you will see books on our site written/ illustrated by children!



Who Is Josie

Josie is Brown Boy Brown Girl's first beloved character. She is the protagonist in our debut children's book titled Josie's Bedazzled Shoes. 

Josie is a lovable character who all children can relate to. 

Children will learn the importance of family, friendships and self-confidence. 

Fun Facts about Josie:

  • Josie is a lover of all things bedazzled, especially when it comes to shoes.

  • Josie loves her family and is a true daddy's girl.

  • Josie enjoys reading to her baby brother.

  • Josie's favorite meal of the day is dinner.

  • Josie likes making new friends.

To learn more about Josie, visit our online store to buy Josie's Bedazzled Shoes.

What We Believe 


We believe in supporting programs and services that encourage children, especially children of color, to excel in academics.

Self love
Given this day and age, Brown Boy Brown Girl believes it is imperative to encourage self acceptance. Therefore we support programs, services and products that attribute to self esteem building.

Brown Boy Brown Girl believes in lending a helping hand to those in need; forming partnerships with organizations that align with our mission in effort to help build stronger communities. 


Brown Boy Brown Girl believes in building confidence, encouragement and support in the enterprising endeavors of our youth.

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