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In effort to keep children reading; and, offer a diversity of books for children to read, especially children of color, we proudly started Brown Boy Brown Girl Reads, an initiative that brings awareness and addresses the literacy rate among children and adults in the United States. A study that was released in April of 2015 by the U.S. Department of Education and the National institute of Literacy reported that 32 million adults in the United States cannot read, which equates to 14 percent; 21 percent of adults who read in the U.S. read below a 5th grade level and 19 percent of high school graduates are illiterate. The report showed by demographics the number of adults who read below basic level. 41 percent are Hispanic; 24 percent are black; 9 percent are white, and 13 percent, other.


In light of these startling facts, our goals and objectives are simple, we look to: 


·         Create awareness and increase the U.S. literacy rate.

·         Encourage parents to read to their children as early as birth.

·         Keep children reading

·         Provide access of books to children, so that no matter the neighborhood they reside, to help foster an environment that sparks imagination and is conducive to learning;

·         Encourage youth civic engagement through community service projects and extracurricular activities.


 Brown Boy Brown Girl Reads will launch the following: 


·         Brown Boy Brown Girl Reads book club: a list of books comprised of parent choices and recommendations will be available to parents and children to select their reading material for the week or month.

·         Reach To Read Project:  is our annual book drive, held during the month of March for National Reading Awareness Month.  We are currently collecting books and educational devices for children who reside in Flint, MI. To better serve our community, we welcome you, your organization or your school to participate. If you would like to make a monetary donation toward this effort, please click on the donation icon listed below. Please note: We are not a 501C(3). Monetary donations will not receive a tax emption.

·         Brown Boy Brown Girl Reads Kindle eReader drive: We are thinking of innovative approaches to keep children reading by thinking outside of the box of and coming up with ways to keep reading accessible to all children. We believe, no matter their financial lanscape, should have access to the internet and to the newest technology. Therefore, it our goal to furnish children who reside in underserved communities with Kindle eReaders as well as pay for one year of internet service (for qualifying families who are without service) through Comcast's Internet Essentials Package. Kindle eReaders will allow for a child to download free books from their local library. 



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