14-year-old Trinity Simone is Black Vibe tribe

14-year-old Trinity Simone is Black Vibe Tribe

A true labor of love, Black Vibe Tribe proves to be the go-to source for love, upliftment, and the (re)building of black people and people of the African diaspora. So often, black bodies are targets for discrimination and plagued with negativity on a daily basis, not to mention the systems of oppression, race-based violence against golden skin, and issues pertaining to equity and civil rights that are an ongoing battle for the black community. Black Vibe Tribe creates ideas and concepts to add to clothes, coffee mugs, home décor, and other items that people can purchase with bold and meaningful statements on them that reaffirm the undeniable beauty and strength blackness encompasses.

 Black Vibe Tribe has been officially blessing lives since July 9th, 2017. Even in its infancy, this company has already impacted so many individuals. One of the most notable details about this Fortune 500 company in the making is that its creator is 14 years old. Yes, you read that right. Black Vibe Tribe’s Creator and CEO is unapologetically black, 14-year-old Trinity Simone.

"I am passionate and extremely proud of who I am. I embrace my culture that has a rich legacy of powerful, resilient, genius, extraordinary survivors,” Simone says. She sticks to her convictions and has a clear sense of what she wants herself and Black Vibe Tribe to embody. Simone continues by saying, “I want change. I want more for us and my business is just a starting point. Individuals that support my business will be those that are willing to make a statement. They will proudly showcase Black Vibe Tribe goodies and hopefully it will start a conversation.” Black Vibe Tribe’s paraphernalia aims to proudly showcase blackness and open the communication lines for opposing views to engage in meaningful conversations. At a minimum, to re-center these conversations around blackness will bring awareness and at a maximum real change.

Simone is well aware that real change doesn’t happen overnight, however she started Black Vibe Tribe as the origin from which other acts of blackness can mount themselves, foster, and grow into a collective effort toward total liberation. This unapologetically black work is being done by a young woman of the same descriptor and for that, Trinity Simone is Black Girl Magic. Matter of fact, the next coined phrase will probably be “Black Vibe Tribe.”

 But what’s a tribe without a unshakable support system? Trinity says, “My parents are my BIGGEST supporters! My mom is basically my right hand as it pertains to business. Well, she's basically my right hand for life in general. Lol! She oversees the day to day operations. She assists with designs, she's my sounding board, the one who I bounce a lot of ideas off of, and a HUGE help with social media.”

 “My dad plays such an important role as well! He focuses on all things financial and helps build the business strategy. My sisters, brothers, grandparents and extended family are my cheer squad. They provide comfort, confidence, support and all the love to carry me on this journey.”

 A tribe indeed, Black Vibe Tribe is a family-supported business with 14-year-old Trinity Simone at the helm. Outside of the company, you can find Trinity publishing two books, acting or modeling, blogging, singing, or being a spoken word artist. In other words, she breathes black excellence and is committed to uplifting it and expanding it in every activity she has in her life. On top of all of this greatness, Simone has several more fun facts like how she is 1 of 9 siblings and is a homeschooled student entering the 9th grade. She is a honors student who codes, sews, cooks, and is obsessed with plating.

 “My latest venture is blazing trails on my entrepreneurial journey. In all

honesty, the day that I officially launched my website, I was elated and shaking in my boots. My immediate thoughts were "Trinity, what have you done now?" Lol! Wherever this journey takes me, I'm looking forward to the success, failures, (although I hope they are minimal...lol), lessons (I'm sure those will be plentiful) and a host of amazing individuals that see value in my labor of love,” says Simone.

  As a young entrepreneur, Simone encourages others to “gather [their] thoughts, create somewhat of a plan and then move forward. I remember waiting and waiting and waiting and everywhere I went, the universe was telling me to move forward, and that's what I did! I launched! It will not always be smooth sailing, I know this, but I am open to learning along the way.”


“Social media is a HUGE platform for business,” Simone says. Not only used to stay connected, but these days social media literally MAKES businesses. Supporting Black Vibe Tribe is supporting yourself and your community while uplifting voices that have gone unheard for far too long. Black Vibe Tribe can be found on Instagram as @blackvibetribe; on Facebook as Black Vibe Tribe; and on Twitter as @blackvibetribe. Black Vibe Tribe goodies can be purchased at www.blackvibetribe.com.

 As if dropping the mic right in front of you, Creator and CEO of Black Vibe Tribe Trinity Simone leaves you all with this: “The name of my business is Black Vibe Tribe. I poured my blood, sweat and (ahem) tears into this baby. Black Vibe Tribe is here to connect, lift, uplift and build with my people. My treasures are an expression of my hopes, dreams, expression and art. My allegiance to my people is through the roof. I was birthed from a legacy of survivors so I'm ready to take on the world.”

Brown Boy Brown Girl, LLC is a social awareness brand dedicated to celebrating diversity of brown children. With this in mind, our products are designed to inspire and empower. Check out our online store here.


Updated: February 25, 2019. During the time this original blog post was posted, Trinity was 14 years old. 

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