About Us

Brown Boy Brown Girl (BBBG) is a family-owned multimedia publishing company. We empower and inspire brown boys and brown girls through reading and other empowering products.

We publish children's multicultural books to encourage reading and spark creativity among children.

To uplift voices of color, we specialize in carrying multicultural children’s books written by Indie authors, and youth authors of color.

Our core principles: love, social benefit, integrity, and awareness.

Our vision:

To cultivate a culture that enriches and celebrates the diversity of brown children.

Our Mission:

To amplify young voices of color by asserting positive representation through our products.



We believe in supporting programs and services that encourage children, especially children of color, to excel in academics.


Given this day and age, Brown Boy Brown Girl believes it is imperative to encourage self-acceptance. Therefore, we support programs, services and products that attribute to self-esteem building.


Brown Boy Brown Girl believes in lending a helping hand to those in need; forming partnerships with organizations that align with our mission in effort to help build stronger communities.


Brown Boy Brown Girl believes in building confidence, encouragement, and support in the enterprising endeavors of our youth.

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