Family Business Launches Children’s Notebook Collection, Improving Diversity in Education Materials

(KALAMAZOO, MI) - (10/12/20)- The Black owned independent publisher’s newest product line proves that representation matters while normalizing and celebrating characters of color in educational products. Social Awareness brand Brown Boy Brown Girl, LLC has announced the release of their newest kids’ notebooks. In addition to being positive and relatable influences to brown boys and girls, the materials act as harbingers of pride and creativity while normalizing characters of color in books and school supplies.



The brand uses its products to cultivate a culture that enriches the lives of children while encouraging them to foster, nurture, and celebrate their gifts and talents. The new notebooks feature original artwork that includes positive depictions of children of color. With notebook names such as Brown Girl Genius Notebook and Brown Boy Brainy Notebook, the company is amplifying young voices of color and diversity by offering children’s books that are written and published by children.

“We started our publishing company with our three children in mind, as we see the mainstreaming of content that highlights positive images of brown children as a solution to one of the most urgent problems facing black children today,” says company co-founder and co-owner Teresa Baker. She adds, “BBBG is changing the narrative. In the wake of the social injustice and mis-characterizations by the media surrounding teens, like they have done with Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown, it is now more important than ever that all children see the beauty in themselves, as well as the beauty in others.”




After publishing their debut book titled “Josie’s Bedazzled Shoes,” the BBBG brand has since extended its platform to include multicultural children’s books written by independent authors and youth authors of color. In addition to their own original releases, BBBG offers self-publishing and printing resources to individuals and companies in addition to their own original releases. This cost-effective solution helps independent authors fill the void in the market of multicultural children's books by aiding authors in encouraging reading and boosting high self-esteem among children of color through their literary works.

On October 22nd, 2020, the BBBG family shared their story on Wood TV8. They were interviewed by Dana Whyte, a daybreak reporter for WOOD TV8. Click here to watch the interview now.

To support BBBG or to browse their online bookstore, please visit You may also shop BBBG's signature collections below. 



About the Company: Founded in 2015 by the husband and wife team of Teresa and David Baker, Brown Boy Brown Girl, LLC is a family-owned multimedia publishing company whose core principles are Love,Social Benefit, Integrity, and Awareness. With a mission of celebrating the diversity of brown children by amplifying young voices of color, the company uses their products as a platform to assert positive representation in educational materials.
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