Smart Alec Alex: Braces and Glasses, Imagine That! Paperback: Chapter Book

Smart Alec Alex: Braces and Glasses, Imagine That! Paperback: Chapter Book

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In the Smart Alec Alex Series (Book #1), Changing Schools and Classroom Rules, Alex's mom suggests she MAY need braces, due to her overbite.

“What is an overbite? I don’t over bite my food, I chew like smart kids,” Alex says.

Alex is not thrilled about it, but she tries to keep a positive attitude to save face in front of her pals, who encourage and assure her she will be fine.

“No sweat, dudette, you’re gonna be okie dokie. If anyone teases you, we’ll tickle them silly,” says a giggling Sissy.

“Don’t worry, worry Alex, your teeth will be, will be straight and and pretty, you’ll see,” says Calvin.

“Alex girl, I have your back, and when it’s all said and done, you are going to look fabulous… me!” says Candice.

Now Alex’s vision seems weird and a little off. Does she need glasses too? But Smart Alec Alex just rolls with the antics and looks forward to the outcome. Alex is curious and so are we.

So what will happen next?

Smart Alec Alex: Braces and Glasses, Imagine That! is the 2nd installment.

Customer Reviews

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Michelle Hill
Cuteness Overload and Great Quality

Wow. My notebook and books arrived before I could blink. Super responsive customer care and fast shipping. Once I opened my box, I knew I had something special. The notebook was a gift my nephew loved!!!! Very nice quality and just plain beautiful. The chapter books are awesome and beautifully written. Thank you ! I’ll be a return shopper.

Sonya Devoe

My granddaughter love this book

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