Smart Alec Alex: Changing Schools And Classroom Rules- Paperback; Chapter Book

Smart Alec Alex: Changing Schools And Classroom Rules- Paperback; Chapter Book

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Book synopsis:

Alexandria P. Knowitall, also known as Smart Alec Alex, is a 6th grader at T.K Spittle Middle School. Alex thinks she is the smartest kid in the school, but in reality she is a smart aleck. With her snappy come backs, and her “I’m always right” attitude, Alex definitely does not “know it all”.

In Smart Alec Alex “Changing schools and Classroom Rules”, Alex is faced with doing things like the “Middle School” kids.

Changing classes— “Boy this is new, I’m not sure we’re going to like this. I wonder what my BFF’s will think.”

Allow me to introduce you to my BFF’s: First we have Candice Smug. Candice worries about her looks. “I hope I can check my hair in between classes. Is there a mirror around?” says Candice. Calvin Clueless is a nervous little guy who repeats everything twice. Don’t you Calvin? “It’s true, it’s true. I do, I do,” says Calvin. He’s pretty smart too. And then there’s my flower child, Sissy Sillington, who is silly and laughs at everything, "LOL, stop it…. I don’t laugh at everything,” giggles Sissy.

As Alex rotates from class to class with her three favorite buddies, they find themselves amazingly amused by the whacky personalities of each teacher. The Art teacher is a whimsical lady, who is all over the place, dipping and dodging around the class like a leaf blowing in the wind. The English teacher is confusing, she speaks French/English with a country accent and wears a beret with country clothing and the Math teacher is so short, he has to carry around a stool to stand on just to teach the class.

This is the first chapter book of the Smart Alec Alex series. Join Alex on a hilarious ride as you follow her day-to-day capers as a smart aleck 6th Grader, AKA Alexandria P. Knowitall.

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Myrah Davis
Two Thumbs Up!😊

Both books are beautifully illustrated and are great for children.

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